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Don Gosen for State Representative

The State of Missouri and our Country are facing challenging times right now! Most of us have had to make tough economic decisions; our government needs to do likewise! My experience as a small business owner gives me the perspective that has led others to encourage me to run for State Representative of the 84th district.

The current economic times do not give us the luxury of partisan politics. Nor do they give us the ability to expand wasteful government spending. I will work hard with all parties to make sure that our State expenditures fit within the framework of our State income. Or more simply, a balanced budget! In addition, as State Representative for the 84th district, I will make sure that the funding principles employed by the Legislature provide our district with its fair share of this fiscally sound budget.

Over the next several months, I will be reaching out to every town, neighborhood, street and home within our community. It will give me the chance to present to you my positions, commitments and passions. But more importantly, it will give you the chance to share your thoughts and concerns with me. My goal is to provide our communities with the best representation possible at the State level!

I look forward to your support and will work my hardest to represent the people of the 84th, soon to be 101st District.

Sincerely, Don Gosen


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